Sunday, April 27, 2008

Is It Worth Getting a Property Mentor?

"Seek mentors who have done what you desire to do and who have become what you desire to be"

If you speak to any successful person you will find that he has or has had great mentors to get him to where he is today. If you want to become successful in property, I would advise you to find someone you can learn from and who can help you to take that first step. If at all possible, find a mentor you can speak to personally, rather than someone who will only speak to you if you are part of a group in a seminar-style setting.

A mentor will be someone whose work you admire. He will be someone who has achieved what you want to and is in a position to get you where you want to be quickly. A mentor will also have access to a network that you may wish to be part of.

For example, your property mentor will have a team of property finders, solicitors, financiers, surveyors, architects and builders etc who he uses in his daily business. Good professionals often take years to source. However, you could greatly enhance your chances of success by tapping into the same team that your mentor uses.

As a property entrepreneur, I have several mentors who have helped me to achieve quick results that would otherwise have taken me several years to attain.

A good mentor will

  • Coach you
  • Guide you
  • Nurture you
  • Challenge and criticise you to get the best results possible
  • ......and much more until you succeed

So how do I find a mentor?

There are several methods you should be using to find your ideal mentor. I've listed a few here:

  • Network
By attending networking events and meeting other successful property investors, you should very quickly be able to pick out a couple of people you think could help you in your property career.

It's then a question of approaching them and asking them if they offer any mentoring. If they don't, ask them if you can help them in their business for free in return for some general guidance - this normally works quite well.

  • Surf the internet
Use the internet to research existing property entrepreneurs in your area. Again, look for someone who has achieved what you wish to achieve and looks like someone you could work with.

  • Ask a friend
If you have any successful property investor friends, you could ask them to guide you. Alternatively, ask them if they have any mentors that they wouldn't mind you working with.

  • Source authors of property books and courses
If there is any book or program that you have bought in the past and learned from, you may want to approach the author and ask him if he offers mentorship. This is a great way to find an established and recognized expert.

Once you have chosen a mentor, you will be spending a lot of time with him so please ensure he is someone you are comfortable working with him. Good communication is essential. Common goals and similar interests will definitely help here.

Dr Javaid Kiyani is a successful Property Investor and Internet Marketer. He has an MBA from Cranfield Business School and PhD from the University of Birmingham. Formerly a Chartered Engineer and Management Consultant, he has 10 years experience of property. His knowledge of property investment is vast as evidenced by the books he has written. Dr Kiyani believes in helping others achieve their dreams too by personally training them through his property mentorship program.

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