Tuesday, April 22, 2008

How To Make Money In the End Times Through Real Estate

The year is 2008 and foreclosures have become a nationwide epidemic and expected to increase until the year 2010. Real Estate has never been so low. Buyers are scarce and sellers out are plentiful. So what do you do to survive the market without getting a job at McD's to have some kind of secondary weekly income?

I have learned in a market like this. You have to be a well rounded real estate investor. This means that you need to know all different aspects of real estate. To be a great Real Estate Investor you have to wear more than one hat....

You are the following:

  • Counselor
  • Attorney
  • Tax Expert
  • Wealth Counselor
  • Marriage Counselor
  • Divorce attorney
  • Mortgage Industry Expert
  • General Contractor
  • Property Manager Expert
  • Misc.............

These our just some of the following roles you will be involved in when you decided to join the great


We are in a world that everything is possible and nothing is Impossible... I love doing deals that no one believes I can do would seem impossible at first glance....

For example, I did a commercial deal that I had ZERO MONEY and I needed $350,000.00 for repairs alone for the property. I leveraged some properties I owned at the time and I GOT THE DEAL!! So remember ZERO MONEY and I got $350,000.00 for repairs and it was a MILLION DOLLAR property.

So Nothing in Real Estate is impossible, but everything in Real Estate is Possible.

So understand that everything in Real Estate is NEGOTIABLE.

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