Friday, June 13, 2008

The Pursuit Of The Real Estate Truth

Where and how people get information.

With changes in the market brings loads of information from friends, family, neighbors, and the media. How do you know what is truth and who to listen to? Most information we hear says what a bad time it is in the real estate market with prices going down fast. The best way to find out correct information is to ask a professional. How do you know that someone is really a professional? When I think of a professional I think of someone that knows the ins and outs of their profession. The Media loves to create more problems than there already are and get people worked up for no reason. That is why you need to put your trust in someone that is confident no matter what is happening and knows how to handle any problem that arises.

How do you process that information?

Use common sense about the info you've received. Weed out the misguided or questionable info. If it sounds to good to be true...we all know it probably is! If your neighbors house sold for $200k in this slower market then you aren't going to be able to sell your for much more. You will discover a common thread about what's happening in the market as you gather information from various sources.

Act and go with your gut instincts

Once you've sorted out the information don't delay, act now! If you are buying a house and have done your research, feel good about the decision you've made. Now is always the best time. If you're selling and have done your homework be confident in your decision and the price you have chosen. In a slow market, if you are not serious or actively trying to sell, you are creating a problem not only for yourself but also for the other homes around you. You are adding to the homes that are not selling. This creates more supply than demand, which in turns drives the market down.

A good agent changes his selling techniques as the market changes and is always looking for better ways to serve his/hers clients. Look for an agent that proactively engaged in learning more about the profession. A doctor doesn't stop studying or learning once he gets his M.D. and neither should your agent! Now more than ever you should focus on finding a competent agent to sell your house as it requires more than just placing the for sale sign in the yard.

Bronson Barber an Utah Real Estate Professional and Entrepreneur

I have created a team of professionals that can handle the most difficult problems that people have with real estate. Whether it is getting out of an old house or getting into a new home we can do it.

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