Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Real Estate Lawyers Make Buying Home Sweeter.

By Rick Shaffer In the last edition of Your Bottom Line, we began looking at reasons why you should always hire an experienced real estate attorney before buying a home. Here are two more. First, an experienced attorney can help make sure you accomplish your primary goal, namely, to satisfactorily complete your purchase. (Read Full Article)

Home Buying: How Exclusive Buyers' Agents Can Help

by Gary Herbst Regardless of how the market shifts, it is extremely important for buyers to have protection when buying a home. Home buyers must keep in mind that they can have control of the buying process without the process of controlling them. However, it can be complicated. A home is often the biggest purchase in people's lives and any mistakes made during the home-buying process can be costly. (Read Full Article)

Monday, January 23, 2006

BUYING 101; Buying a newly built home means starting with a fresh, efficient, up-to-date slate.

Can't Buy? Lease-To-Purchase Gives Hope of Homeownership To Some Who Lack Cash or Credit.(REAL ESTATE WEEKLY)

by Chris Kidder

You're shopping for a home. Maybe it's your first. Or, maybe, cash is a little tight. Then, you see an ad in the classifieds: "Three-bedroom, two-bath ranch. Owner will consider lease-to-purchase." "What an ideal way to buy a home," you think. Or, is it? (Read Full Article)

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Speculators: Average folks are investing their savings in the housing market. They've braved some nervous moments & wonder how long it will last.

by Andy Fixmer

REAL estate speculation sounds easy enough--just locate an undervalued home, make some minor renovations and flip the property, with returns approaching 200 percent. But like any pursuit, it can be fraught with complications, especially with the local housing market cooling off and attractive properties harder to find. (Read Full Article) source: Los Angeles Business Journal, July 25, 2005. via: HighBeam Research Logo HighBeam™ Research COPYRIGHT 2005 CBJ, L.P.

Friday, January 20, 2006

FHA Loosens Rules, Lowers Barriers

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Investing in Baltimore real estate is hot.

Mark P. Riley Luxury Real Estate Group, Inc.: a whole new approach to real estate investing.(WHO'S WHO IN WEALTH & FINANCE)

source: Sarasota Magazine, January 1, 2006. via: HighBeam Research Logo HighBeam™ Research COPYRIGHT 2006 Clubhouse Publishing, Inc.

Preconstruction Expert Dr. Chris Anderson to Give 14,000 Investors a Ph.D. in Real Estate Investing.

Established preconstruction real estate investing group, GetPreconstructionDeals.com, provides 52 weeks of free training to existing clients and new subscribers alike. Founder, Dr. Chris Anderson, equates it to getting a Ph.D. in real estate investing. (Read Full Article) source: PR Newswire, January 4, 2006. via: HighBeam Research Logo HighBeam™ Research COPYRIGHT 2006 PR Newswire Association LLC