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Who Do I Call When I Need An Inspection For A Brooklyn Home?

Home inspecting in Brooklyn requires a passion for excellence, and a genuine interest in people and homes. Creating an opportunity to serve, it is a very personal service. Inspectors have reported a great feeling they get when they alone, of all the people in the room, actually see, feel and hear what the house is telling him/her about itself. It is also that moment in time when all parties to a transaction are looking at him/her and listening to what they have to say because of the client's absolute faith in the inspector's professionalism. Home inspecting is a talent that cannot be bought, a dedication that cannot be undermined, integrity that cannot be stolen away, and a compassion for his/her work and the client that cannot be taught. Inspectors should manage the client expectations, so the client will know what to expect ahead of time, that is why it is better to under promise, and over deliver. Home inspecting is the fine art of practicing a craft without so much as approaching the appearance of a conflict of interest.

Home inspectors have the ability to select their own agents and clients, based on how closely the clients values and ethics meet their own expectations; rather than being controlled by others ethics. Yet it is the easiest job to fail in, and the hardest job to succeed in, if their heart is not in the right place. The inspector's responsibility is to identify major deficiencies and safety issues in a new home, so the client can reduce the risks that come with home ownership or with any real estate transaction.

The client should be present at the time of inspection, which takes anywhere from 2-3 hours, depending on the size and condition of the home. Payment by cash or check is expected at the time of the inspection. The quality of an inspection will depend on what the inspector knows and how well he can communicate it to the client. The fact that the company hired to do the inspection is large or a franchise, with offices throughout the country, won't matter if the person doing the inspection is not trained properly. The home inspector should provide to the client a written document or report specifying the scope of the inspection, including defects in or repairs needed to the structural elements, systems, and subsystems that were inspected, along with any recommendation that certain experts be retained to determine the extent and corrective action necessary for such defects, as well as faulty, inadequate, inefficient, or unsafe electrical and plumbing, low-voltage wiring, utility contracting, and conditioned air installations that are faulty or inadequate. Electrical boxes are inspected, water temperature, and furnace operation is checked, wood destroying insects, plumbing issues, framing, safety issues, and maintenance issues are also covered in the report. One of the most common things found on inspections is moisture in the crawl space or basement, along the foundation walls.

A thorough home inspection report, along with the seller's disclosure statement; may prevent unexpected repairs or problems with the transaction after listing the property. The few hundred dollars that comes out of the client's pocket, to hire a home inspector or the time invested into learning how to conduct a proper home inspection, is negligible as compared to the dollars the client could be out of, if he/she doesn't know all that they should be aware of, when buying, selling or owning any property. To realize the importance of getting a home inspection is to understand the significance of knowing exactly what you are spending your hard earned money on and protecting that investment by ensuring all of your questions are answered by a highly experienced, professional, knowledgeable, unbiased third party. With a properly done home inspection and a thorough investigation of any potential red flags found during the inspection, you will most assuredly be able to realize the joy, comfort and well being of knowing you are making a wise decision. A licensed home inspector conducts inspections on behalf of Brooklyn municipalities or Kings County, pursuant to Code Section10 8-2-26.

In closing, being that the inspector has the opportunity to provide Brooklyn residents with home inspection services; it is a very personal business. The wisest decision is to make an appointment with Olympian Civil Home and Building Inspections, for professionalism, efficiency, and expertise in home inspection services for all Brooklyn residents. Contact Inspector D. Kanakis, at (718) 833-1252 or toll-free at (866) 476-2056 and an order an inspection today. Olympian is the most revered and referred inspection firm in the business making it the leading inspection firm out there.

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