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Current Analysis Of Housing Market Trends In Ocala & Marion County

The central Florida city of Ocala, located in Marion County, is a lovely locale that includes wonderful rolling green terrain, splendid public parks and well-kept nature reserves like Silver Springs and the Ocala National Forest.

The county also has a healthy sprinkling of horse farms, historic districts that feature city streets canopied by 100-year-old trees, top-caliber golf courses, friendly and truly livable communities, clean and sparkling rivers and fresh-water springs as well. The area's subtropical climate also makes this county a perfect year-round vacation destination.

An Area Rich In Wonderful Natural Resources

It's a fact that many newcomers and tourists alike spend as much time as possible enjoying the outdoors, and this area is a community blessed with a treasure trove of cultural and natural resources. The county's mild climate allows its residents and visitors to enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities all year round.

The county offers a wide variety of outdoor sporting activities, with numerous public and private golf courses, tennis courts and recreation facilities that are closely located . Those who like basking in the great outdoors will truly enjoy the presence of many lakes, rivers, crystal clear springs and nature parks found throughout the area. For those wishing to go further, and spend some time in the beaches, the Florida coasts are just within 60 miles of the city's downtown area.

Current Home Inventory Levels

For Ocala, and the whole of Marion County as well, the area's housing inventory levels are still high , which refers to approximately a 12-month supply of homes, which is causing the price reductions to continue, however the reductions are starting to slow down by this time. With the housing market showing signs of hitting the bottom, and the mortgage slump affecting all aspects of this industry, market analysts are saying that now is the perfect time to purchase new homes, as interest rates are currently at one of their lowest levels.

New Home Construction Statistics

According to local property analysts, and county building officials, new construction starts are still slow at the moment, however, a number of property developers and builders are indicating that they are picking up the pace somehow.

Home builders are still offering great incentives to buyers, which could include paying your entire first years HOA fees,taxes and insurance, closing costs, and even offering free bonuses like large-screen TV sets, lawn mowers, & appliance upgrades and more, which makes it a perfect time to make a home purchase decision. To add, new home builders have also drastically reduced pricing on inventory homes, to make these inventories sell more quickly.

Figures On Home Resales

Home resales figures in the Ocala and Marion County area, are continuing to see increased activity in home resales, especially today hat prices have slid even further. Many home sellers now seem to realize that the prices of 2005 are history, and if they will not be aggressive in pricing their homes, they may truly be wasting their time and investment.

Some home sellers should take note that if they are not willing to go low on their prices, other sellers are, and the number of upgrades you have or how great your home looks, would be totally irrelevant if your asking price keeps buyers away. And with prices still sliding, staying put on their higher prices could end costing them up to thousands of dollars more in the end. - Ocala Real Estate

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