Sunday, March 23, 2008

Are Real Estate GURUs Scam Artists?

The definition of a Guru is the following:

-somebody who has a reputation as an expert leader, teacher, or practitioner in a particular field

-a person's revered guide, mentor, or adviser in spiritual or intellectual matters.

But, sincerely, what really is a Real Estate Guru? The definition is right except there are a few absent words... In my opinion, it is someone that is a Master of all different aspects of real estate... Not someone who just knows a few things in this awesome game of Real Estate... But, a true MasterMind understands the ART of Real Estate investing.

It is not about making an extra $1,000 or $10,000. But, how can you make a potential $1,000,000.00 in one year.

Let's think about it- if you know how to make money doing one thing in Real Estate... That is great.. But, if you master all aspects of Real Estate which is called the Big Seven- it is even better-

1. Legal (Probate and Estate Sales)
2. Wholesaling
3. Rehabbing
4. Flipping
5. Mentorship (Learning through the master of Real Estate Investing)
6. Financing ( How to Finance your Real Estate Investment Deals)
7. Being Honest and having integrity in every aspect of Real Estate investing.

Once you can master all of these aspects, then you can make money 7 different ways.

Now, I do understand that you have to crawl before you walk and then walk before you run.

-Walking in Real Estate Investing is just getting started.

- You need to get into to the Race first before you can actually participate.

Real Estate Investing is a BUSINESS, so remember everyday is WAR... It is not normal or easy for people to thrive and be wealthy... If it was normal or easy, every lazy and idiotic person would be multi-millionaires... Just get started!

Now that you are involved, remember in every battle, you will have battle wounds...I have been to war. Sergeant Cruz ( was my military name (Operation Iraqi Freedom) and one thing I have learned is that no matter what..... WAR will change you. You will be scarred and wounded in someway or the other.. It could be emotional or physical, but you will be different and be more mature.

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Franklin Cruz
"I have done ever Wrong in Real Estate, so you don't have to..."

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